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Dental emergency conditions can include anything from a broken tooth or loose crowns to wisdom tooth pain (pericoronitis) and dental infections.


Serious dental emergencies such as ongoing oral tissue bleeding or severe pain are prioritised to be seen to urgently. 

A severe infection or abscess in the mouth can be life-threatening and should be dealt with immediately.

Ring today for relief from toothache. We provide emergency dental treatment, palliative dental care, antibiotics and painkillers.


At Primrose Hill Dental  we are committed to providing emergency dental care on the same day whenever possible. 

If you believe that you are suffering from a dental emergency, please contact the practice immediately.  We will do everything that we can to see you for an emergency dental appointment on the same day and will give you a time window for your appointment.  We normally have emergency slots available during opening hours.The earlier in the day you call, the better chance you have of getting a same-day emergency appointment, but do please call as soon as you experience your dental emergency and we will do what we can to fit you in.

Out of hours emergencies may also be dealt with by calling our mobile number 07845 008240

A surgery opening fee applies to out of hours emergencies.


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