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Six Month Braces

Six month braces (short term orthodontics, STO) are used to improve the appearance of upper front teeth or lower front teeth in a very short time – usually about six to nine months.

It is limited orthodontics not comprehensive orthodontics. The objective is to move only the front six to eight teeth only and not change the bite overall. Because the objective is limited the time span to achieve a more aesthetic smile is very short.

This approach is faster and more precise than Invisalign, which uses clear trays.

The main benefit of opting for STO braces to align teeth instead of traditional orthodontics is that the treatment time will usually be shorter, usually in the range of 4-to-9 months.

Traditional Orthodontics using fixed braces typically takes around 18-30 months.

With Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces the components are all coloured white so that they blend in with your teeth and make them less noticeable.


Some people may consider veneers or crowns to close gaps or give the illusion of a corrected alignment of the teeth.

This means final results are achieved in only two appointments BUT the veneers and crowns require  irreversible “filing down” of tooth enamel.

STO braces are the most natural, most conservative and least invasive approach for you to improve your appearance. 

Short Term braces costs less than crowns or veneers.


After braces your teeth are easier to keep clean, gums are healthier, fillings last longer and the overall health of your mouth is improved.  More noticeably though, you'll be smiling more.

The Procedure


During your STO braces assessment appointment we will take digital photographs, X-rays if required, impressions , assess you occlusion (bite) and examine your smile.

This information along with your dentist's report is sent to the orthodontic laboratory.

Following this you will be fitted with your custom designed braces which are made up of small clear brackets and white wires.

After this first fitting you will need to visit your dentist every 4-5 weeks for regular adjustments of your braces until the end of your teeth straightening treatment.

You may need interproximal reduction (IPR) to ensure that your treatment goes smoothly. Interproximal reduction is a procedure whereby a small amount of enamel is stripped between 2 teeth that are touching to create the space required for them to move.

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