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Your First Visit

For many of us fear of a trip to the Dentist can be quite a traumatic experience. At Primrose Hill Dental Clinic, London, we fully appreciate patient fears and apprehensions and, therefore, try our best to keep stress levels to a minimum throughout your visit.

From the moment you book your consultation, Primrose Hill Dental  is committed to making your visit and treatment a pleasant and enjoyable experience. To do this we have created a modern Cosmetic Dentistry practice in London, which employs the world’s best dental technology, treatment, service and care.

A friendly greeting, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere awaits you on your first visit to our practice.

At your first consultation you can expect to be with the dental team for up to 30 minutes, the fee for which will be £79 (usual price £104, offer valid until the 31st May 2024). The appointment for a Hygienist scale & polish can be also made with your first visit if you arrange this before hand.  Also, you will be given a thorough oral examination for both signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Soft and hard tissues will be screened for any early signs of possible abnormalities, two bitewing x-rays will be taken and finally, an examination of your bite and jaw will also be made.

We will then proceed with a discussion of the findings and recommendations. To help with your understanding of the treatment options available to you, this will include viewing specific sites  with  any relevant x-rays, leading to an informed decision on your dental care. A written estimate and treatment plan tailored to your individual requirements will then be given for your consideration. Further appointments, if necessary, can be arranged at your convenience.

Our patients are very important to us and you can be confident that we will always listen to your fears and anxieties and keep you fully informed as treatment progresses.


To schedule a consultation at Primrose Hill Dental , please call 020 7722 0860


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