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Want to straighten your smile?
With Short Term Orthodontics you can now
straighten your smile almost invisibly!

If you have considered Orthodontics, but have been put off by the thought of a mouthful of metal – don’t be! With Short Term Orthodontics you can have the smile of your dreams and no one will ever know you’re in treatment (unless you want them to of course).


At Primrose Hill Dental, we offer a full range of options to straighten your teeth.

After discussing your treatment goals are the obstacles hindering those goals and which procedures you are willing to undergo you will be offered the most suitable treatment option for you.















Short-Term braces is definitely not a substitute for full (or comprehensive) orthodontics.

Rather, it is an extension of cosmetic dentistry and an aesthetic alternative to veneers and crowns. 


Some people may consider veneers or crowns to close gaps or give the illusion of a corrected alignment of the teeth (which we do very well here at the practice too) and admittedly this approach can have final results in only two appointments BUT the veneers and crowns require irreversible changes to your teeth. Healthy enamel is taken away forever. And neither the crowns nor the veneers last forever – everything has to be repeated (and paid for) every so often. 


Short-Term braces are the most natural, most conservative and least invasive approach for you to improve your appearance. 

Short-Term braces cost less that crowns or veneers – often thousands of dollars less.

After braces your teeth are easier to keep clean, gums are healthier, fillings last longer and the overall health of your mouth is improved.


If you are like many people who have been bothered by crooked front teeth but do not want them “filed down” or thought that dental braces committed you to two or more years of treatment Short Term Orthodontics offers a healthy and usually less expensive choice.


Not everyone is a candidate for Short Term braces, however.  Gum disease or significant malalignment may make this technique not possible.

If you would like to know more about Short Term Orthodontics,
please contact Primrose Hill Dental today on 020 7722 0860
Our friendly and helpful staff will always do their best to answer any questions you may have.
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