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Six ways to look after your teeth over Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching! Everyone is getting the mice pies, selection boxes and countless amounts of sweets out! Oh, an

d don't forget to mention the Mulled Wine! This time of year is when people indulge in.. Just about everything! At Primrose Hill Dental Practice we still think about your teeth. So please forgive us for dampening the festive mood, but to make sure our teeth don't suffer as well as our stomachs, here are a few ways to look after your teeth during the festive season! Routine, Routine, Routine! It's similar to the Ho, Ho, Ho! We all love and know but it's a tad bit less exciting. The kids are off school, you're off work, there's no more studying to do and you're mixing up your Mondays to your Fridays. It's really easy to slip out of your oral hygiene routine when all your other routine has gone out the window! Our teeth go through a lot of the festive period try so keep up your oral hygiene or you'll be spending your new year with us! Yikes! Mince Pies! Mmmm, mince pies! How many mince pies do you go through over Christmas? A lot. As yummy as they are they are also extremely high in sugar due to the dried fruit they are made up with. All that sugar will stick to your teeth like glue! Try limiting the sugary snacks or swap for some nuts. Or... Maybe have some cheese after! Yum.. Cheeeeeeese! No, it's not your sister in law shouting 'cheeeeeeese!' waving her smartphone in your face trying to get the perfect insta photo. I'm talking about the cheese we get from cows. Cheese is amazing for our teeth! Our natural acid balance will be returned as well as reducing the risk of developing tooth decay. Don't do it! There is a lot of beer going round at Christmas which we aren't denying you of but please don't use your teeth as tools. Don't try to open a bottle of beer with your teeth, use a bottle opener.It is a party trick which could leave you sitting with a missing tooth and an expensive, unwanted trip to the emergency dentist. Straws! A simple tip is to use a straw when drinking fizzy or sugary drinks. It limits the amount of sugar which actually comes into direct contact with your teeth. Thank us later! Treat yourself! Indulge in all the festive goodies as you wish but why don't you also treat yourself to a new toothbrush! Why not even upgrade to an electric? We hope you enjoyed our 6 tips for the festive period! Merry Christmas and we hope to see you in the new year.

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