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Invisalign - Discreet And Comfortable Teeth Straightening

A confident and great looking smile for our Camden patients!

When it comes to having a beautiful smile, a nice set of evenly spaced teeth should be high on the agenda. Despite this, many people may be put off the idea of having their teeth straightened as they don’t want to wear dental braces. Often, when people make this decision, they are probably thinking of the very visible type of traditional metal dental braces that most of us are familiar with. Modern cosmetic dentistry has moved on since then though, and, at the Primrose Hill Dental Practice, we are pleased to be able to offer our Camden patients a wide range of modern, discrete orthodontic systems; none more discreet than Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Like traditional wire and bracket type braces, Invisalign orthodontics work by exerting gentle pressure upon the teeth, gradually moving them towards their desired position. Unlike traditional braces though, no wires or brackets are used to achieve this.

Instead of wires and brackets, a series of transparent ‘trays’ are used which sit directly over the teeth. Each of these are worn for a week or two, and are then replaced by the next in the series. With each set working to move the teeth just a little bit further than the previous one, this is a highly effective way of achieving a beautiful, even smile.

Many benefits

The most obvious benefit of this treatment is that the trays are transparent and therefore barely visible to those around you. This is not the only benefit though, and the trays are custom made to fit your teeth, following impressions that we have taken. This offers a comfortable, as well as a discreet, wearing experience.

The benefits don’t end there either. Unlike traditional braces, which are fixed until the treatment is completed; Invisalign orthodontics are removable. This is a huge benefit as it overcomes any awkwardness surrounding eating whilst wearing braces. You simply remove the trays before your meal and return them afterwards.

Cleaning your teeth whilst wearing traditional braces can be very difficult, and, with the added risk of food becoming trapped in the wiring, the chances of common dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease are significantly raised. With Invisalign, you can easily remove the trays when you clean your teeth, allowing you to maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout your treatment. You will also need to keep the trays clean, as food and bacteria may otherwise become trapped in them. This is easy to do though and will be explained to you by the cosmetic dentist at the Primrose Hill Dental Practice during your consultation.

If you have been deterred from having your teeth straightened because of the idea of wearing metal braces, we have a range of discrete orthodontics available to suit every situation. If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss having your teeth straightened, or any other cosmetic procedure, why not call our Regent’s Park Road dental practice on 020 7722 0860.

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