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Quit Today – No Smoking Day 2018

Are you a smoker? We should all know by now the benefits to quitting smoking – the advantages of a smoke-free lifestyle are well documented, but it is still worth reminding yourself of the basic facts when considering kicking the habit. Writing a list can focus the mind and channel positivity knowing there are real and achievable goals at the end of the tunnel. So, let’s consider those pros:

  • Less build-up from excessive tartar and plaque (which can lead to decay more quickly)

  • Risk of tooth loss and infected tooth roots will reduce

  • Your immune system won’t take such a battering, meaning that you will be able to fight off infection and heal from injuries far more effectively and treatments will be more effective

  • Your chances of developing gum disease and mouth cancers will lower significantly (6 times more likely to occur in smokers than non-smokers)

  • You will finally know the true extent of how your mouth has been affected, choose a treatment to deal with the issues and get your dental health back on the road to recovery

  • Fresher breath

Continuing to smoke may well be preventing healing and masking the symptoms of possible gum disease. Nicotine creates an illusion that everything is okay in your mouth, but in fact, nicotine shuts down your blood vessels. When you quit, your gums are likely to bleed more often, particularly after brushing, because the vascularity within the mouth will have increased. This is no cause for concern, however - This simply means that your symptoms of inflammation are no longer being masked and you are beginning the healing process.

So why are we discussing this today? The very first No Smoking Day was held on Ash Wednesday in 1984. This annual health awareness day now takes place on the second Wednesday in March and focuses on a different angle or tagline each year. This year’s campaign is reinforced by a social media drive using the hashtag #tellusyourway, which seeks to encourage quitters to share with others their personal success stories and the winning way in which they achieved their goal. 2018’s National No Smoking Day is today, in case you hadn’t yet worked it out! This means that today is the day you make that decision once and for all. Begin today. What are you waiting for? Delaying the inevitable is only putting more emotional and financial strain upon yourself.. think how proud you’ll be, how good you will feel about yourself this time next month, next year, next decade!

The UK campaign provides smokers with a sense of community support, along with all the information required to successfully drop the habit for good. Reports over the last decade suggest that 1 in 10 smokers manage to quit on No Smoking Day. That could be you!

There are not only benefits to your health to consider. Think of the money you spend each month on tobacco products – could that money be allocated better elsewhere? Perhaps you have debt you could pay off? A nice holiday could be on the cards? After quitting, you’ll have earned the right to treat yourself to something special! Nicotine is a terrible tooth-stainer. Once you quit, you will no longer be subjecting your teeth to that particular onslaught… the perfect opportunity to pop in to us! We can recommend a tooth whitening treatment that will work for you and give you back the sparkling smile to match your improved health and sense of achievement.

Do it today! There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain – you can do it!

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